“Isabel Best is an absolute delight to work with. She knows how to ask the most relevant questions in order to formulate an accurate and engaging description of your business/project. Her press releases are clear and informative, descriptive but factual enough to allow for journalists to write their own story. Isabel is one of the most talented, knowledgeable, friendly, honest writers I have worked with.” – Ambra Medda, founder and former Director of Design Miami/



“We have known and worked with Isabel Best over 5 years during which time she has provided us with some of the greatest texts which truly articulate who we are and what we excel in. Using the most accurate, descriptive yet poetically intelligent words, she has created some of the most useful texts that we have communicated with and with which we have gained successful business. Her descriptions and analytic approach to writing have helped us to better understand how to define our added values and creative work. Her writing has been of great support to us and to our marketing material over the years.” – Rabih Hage, architect, furniture designer & gallerist.